About Us

About us.

Welcome to Great Hot Stuff. We are a husband and wife team that work side by side to bring you a positive internet experience.

My name is Liebe and our goal is to create that personal touch that often lacks when purchasing online.

My love for being unique brought Lucas, AKA My Hubby, to this idea that we should sell items online that can’t just be bought at your local mall.

We wanted to be a Great online store, sell Hot items and I use the word Stuff for everything, and so Great Hot Stuff was born!

We still however wanted to give our buyers the feeling of having that personal touch if they need it.

This is why we are different, I personally wear some of the items we sell, so I can answer your questions truthfully. We take pride in our business and are here to help. We answer our own emails, ship our own packages, so you know you are getting the best possible service.

Step into Something Sexy!

Lucas & Liebe